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Thank you to all participants of the Spring ACS National Meeting in New Orleans LA

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Most are unaware of the science behind the production and processing of the food we consume.  The Agricultural & Food Chemistry Division (AGFD) lets us know that there is nothing more important to humans than having enough nutritious food to eat.  The common goal is to produce sufficient nutritious food and feed to support the population in a sustainable way while being responsible stewards of the environment and ecosystem.  Navindra Seeram expounds upon how the support from the AGFD division and their shared mission provide a sense of responsibility and satisfaction.  Learn More


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 AGFD awards in 2017:

 Award for the Advancement of Application of Agricultural and Food Chemistry: Ron Wrolstad

AGFD Fellow Awards: Andrea Buettner, Erlangen Univ., Hang Xiao, Univ. of Massachusetts

Roy Teranishi Graduate Fellowship in Food Chemistry: Tianxi Yang, Univ. of Massachusetts

AGFD Young Scientist Award: Michael Granvogl, Technical Univ. of Munich

Withycombe–Charalambous Award for Excellence in Graduate Research in Agricultural or Food Chemistry: Jingjing Guo, Rutgers Univ.

AGFD Undergraduate Award: Marti Hua, Univ. of British Columbia

Award for Distinguished Service to the Division of Agricultural and Food Chemistry: Russell Rouseff

ACS Fellows: Stephen Duke, Alyson Mitchell

Kenneth A. Spencer Award (administered by Kansas City Section): J. Bruce German, Univ. of California, Davis

Sterling B. Hendricks Award (administered by Agricultural Research Service, USDA): John A. Pickett, Rothamsted Research 



2017 Fall Cornucopia (click to download)

 2017 Fall Cornucopia (without abstracts)


 Congratulations to Alyson Mitchell and Stephen Duke for being named ACS Fellows  


 ACS National Meeting Networking Opportunities:

Network with and share information on your division to students and postdoctoral scholars at the upcoming ACS national meeting in DC:


  1. The ACS Graduate & Postdoctoral Scholars Reception will be held 7:00-8:30 PM, Monday, August 21, Ballroom C of the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.  *Each division will be represented with a sign on a cocktail table, so please come and mingle with graduate students and postdocs!*  Division representatives should arrive by 6:45 pm, and sign in at the Division Table located just outside the Ballroom.  The event is free to all graduate students and postdocs!
  2. The Faculty and Postdoc Afternoon Networking Coffee Break will be held 4:00-6:00 PM, Sunday, August 20, in the Congressional Ballroom C of the Renaissance Hotel.  We would love to have more faculty to network with the participants, and share information on how your division could help them. Refreshments will be provided.
  3. Volunteers are needed at the Student Speed Networking with Chemistry Professionals event to be held 4:00-5:15 PM, on Monday, August 21, Hall C of the Walter E. Washington Convention Center (just prior to the Graduate & Postdoctoral Scholars Reception). Simply talk informally with students about your career and ask students about their aspirations. Professionals, please register here to participate.




First International Flavor and Fragrance Conference  

The First International Flavor and Fragrance Conference was successfully held in Cartagena, Colombia May 10-12.  Before the conference, Drs. Coralia Osorio, Michael Qian, Bob McGorrin and Alvaro Orjuela lectured a two-day workshop on flavor chemistry, flavor analysis, flavor interaction and essential oil to 30 participants.

More than 50 abstracts were submitted to the conference, and about 100 researchers attended the meeting.  Featured speakers including Terry Acree from Cornell University on sensation, Gary Beauchamp from Monell Chemical Senses Center on flavor pleasure, Charles Spence from Oxford University on Neuroscience, Mary Ann Drake from North Carolina State University on sensory analysis, Fereidoon Shahidi on lipid off-flavor, and Gary Reineccius from University of Minnesota on flavor encapsulation.  The organizing committee (Michael Qian, Gary Reineccius, Fereidoon Shahidi, Coralia Osorio) is planning the 2nd International Flavor and Fragrance Conference in 2019 in Chile. 



Asia-Pacific International Chapters Conference  

The inaugural Asia-Pacific International Chapters Conference will be held Nov. 5-8 I Jeju, Korea.  Abstracts submission is now open.  For more information or to register please go to

AGFD, one of the sponsors of this conference, has provided funds to partially support the travel of two graduate students majoring in agricultural and food chemistry to present at this meeting.  Contact Agnes Rimando ( for travel support application.  Cash award will also be given to a graduate student presenting work in agricultural and food chemistry who will be selected for the best presentation in the poster/oral competition.

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The First International Flavor and Fragrance Conference

May 8-9, 2017, Hotel Las Américas, Cartagena Colombia

This workshop will cover the main chemical and biogenetical aspects of odor-volatile compounds related to the food flavors, and the instrumental methodologies for their analyses. Additionally, the issues related to processed flavors and industrial scale-up will be also covered. Attendants will get the opportunity to perform a short descriptive olfactory training.

(Click Here for Conference Website)


AGFD member Fred Jaeger, a scientist at Bayer CropScience is featured in a ACS short video that is part of the series called What Chemists Do.  Click here to access the video!


The Division of AGFD offers many opportunities for awards and recognition. See the Awards page for more details and information


Congratulations to Agnes Rimando on receiving the 2016 Spencer Award (Click here) 


Download the Fall 2016 Cornucopia (click here)


Congratulations to AGFD Members Lauren Jackson and Kim Morehouse on being named to the 2016 class of ACS Fellows! 


2016 Fall Philadelphia AGFD Technical Program

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2016 AGFD Fellows! 

Congratulations to Sue Ebeler (Univ. of California-Davis), Qingrong Huang (Rutgers Univ.), Peter Winterhalter (Institute of Food Chemistry, Braunschweig, Germany), and Wally Yokoyama (USDA, Western Regional Research Center, Albany, CA) for being named AGFD Fellows for 2016. 


The Division has defined vision and mission statements:

Vision Statement
Enhance quality of life by advocating safe, nutritious and sustainable food and agricultural supplies that meet global challenges.
Mission Statement:
               Lead and foster a diverse community to promote and advance agricultural and food chemistry research, education, outreach and communication.

You may find the full details of the 2016 AGFD Strategic Planning Retreat here.


AGFD PODShort: Value of AGFD Membership (Click Here) 

Call 1-800-333-9511 and ask to join AGFD! (614-447-3776 Outside USA)


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Join us in Philadelphia for the 252nd ACS National Meeting, August 21-25th


AGFD New By-laws Approved! (click here) 


Our Division

AGFD brings together persons particularly interested in the chemistry of agricultural and food products, both raw and finished; to foster programs of general papers and symposia on special topics dealing with this field of chemistry; to promote such other activities as will stimulate activity in and emphasize the importance of research in agricultural and food chemistry. AGFD provides quality, timely Symposium at ACS National Meetings. Programs are of interest not only to chemists, but to biochemists, biologists, agronomists, plant physiologists, molecular biologists, agricultural engineers, chemical engineers, material scientists and food scientists.

Technical focus is on agriculture, renewable resources, food composition, food quality, food processing, nutrition, biochemistry, food safety, food flavor, biotechnology, natural products, pharmaceuticals, green products, chemical raw materials and feedstocks, bioenergy, and sustainability.

Objectives of the division are to encourage the advancement and understanding of agricultural and food chemistry; and to promote scientific interest and inquiry in agricultural and food chemistry by divisional meetings, professional contacts, reports, papers, discussions and publications.


  • Develop focused and timely programs, products and services that engage those involved in agriculture, food chemistry, and related fields.  
  • Enhance communication and market our programs, products, and services more effectively.   
  • Expand global impact by developing the infrastructure to deliver technical programming for targeted international audiences.


  • The ACS Graduate & Postdoctoral Scholars Reception will be held 7:00-8:30 PMMonday, March 19, Great Hall D of the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center.  *Each division will be represented with a sign on a cocktail table, so please come and mingle with graduate students and postdocs!*  Division representatives should arrive by 6:45 pm, and sign in at the Division Table located just outside the Ballroom.  The event is free to all graduate students and postdocs!
  • The Networking Globally Reception: Tips for applying to a faculty or postdoctoral research position in the U.S. will be held 4:00-5:30 PMSunday, March 18, in the Windsor of the Hilton New Orleans Riverside.  We would love to have more faculty, especially those that have international experience, to network with the participants, and explain how your division could help them in their endeavors. Refreshments will be provided.
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